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For over 30 years, acupuncturist Rachel Toomim has been recognized as a distinguished leader, scholar and a results-oriented practitioner. As acknowledgement of her advanced acupuncture techniques and leadership skills, she received the Chief Justice Commendation from the Supreme Court of Florida and was elected to three national acupuncture boards. She teaches throughout the country and served as faculty for the University of Miami’s School of Complementary & Alternative Medicine. Rachel Toomim A.P. is able to merge acupuncture theory with understandings from modern medicine to allow for better integration with treatment provided by your doctor and other practitioners.

Through many years of ongoing studies with acupuncture's foremost scholar, Tran Viet Dzung MD, Dr. Rachel Toomim has advanced training in the following specialties:


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Rachel Toomim Acupuncturist

Rachel Toomim, A.P., has been in health care for over 40 years and has been practicing acupuncture for over 33+ years.  Because of her extensive experience in addictions and drug court consulting, she was brought to Florida by the 12th Judicial Court to design and implement drug court programs for both Sarasota and Manatee Counties.  Dr. Toomim is respected throughout the community as an experienced practitioner. She has served as an elected board member for the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA), 503(c)(3) - Vice President and Training Chair and Senior Editor of the NADA Resource Manual, as well as serving on the boards of the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance, a 503(c)(4) Public Welfare Organization and the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, a 503(c)(6) Professional Organization.

Family Practice

Rachel Toomim treats men, women, and children for a wide variety of disorders. She is an internationally recognized expert in the treatment of addictions and behavioral health issues. She has advanced training in immune disorders, the treatment of cancer and other tumorous growths, women's and men's health—including fertility, menopause and andropause, digestive disorders and obesity, nephrology, neurology, ophthalmology, pulmonology, rheumatology, and other pain disorders. The advanced training focus includes an in-depth study of the ancient classical texts of acupuncture and Traditional East Asian Medicine with a side-by-side understanding of the most current modern medicine for each specialty.  Twice yearly for more than a dozen years, she participated with a small group of practitioners who engaged in extensive study with the world's foremost scholar of acupuncture, Tran Viet Dung MD.  These studies contribute to her advanced knowledge, as well as her ability to use it as an extremely powerful healing tool.

Addictions/Mental Health/Public Health 

Dr. Toomim is recognized as an experienced innovator in the addictions and criminal justice fields, receiving the distinguished Chief Justice Commendation from the Supreme Court of Florida.  For over twenty years she has consulted and trained judges, prosecutors, public defenders, correctional officers, and treatment professionals throughout the country in implementing criminal justice programs.  Her programs in California, Nevada, Texas, Vermont, and Florida have drawn practitioners from around the world.

To bring greater attention to the need for treatment of people with addictions, Dr. Toomim created an international event in May 2001, the first of several Global Group Qi events.  Sixty sites including the United States, Mexico, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, India, and Australia participated in an almost simultaneous treatment experience based on the acupuncture "wellness protocol."  This event became part of the annual celebration of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day as a coordinated effort between two of the national organizations for which she served.

Public Service

In response to the ravages of Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Toomim was one of the first acupuncturists to gain access to first responders in the State of Louisiana. She teamed with another Sarasota acupuncturist, Deborah Williams AP in treating Coast Guard, FEMA, and other local and federal responders for a variety of trauma-related issues, such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, and other emotional and nervous disorders, as well as serving to maintain their health as they faced unsafe conditions while dealing with the clean-up of the Gulf Coast. She subsequently helped create a model for acupuncture response in emergency situations.


Dr. Toomim educates medical and criminal justice professionals in the use and implementation of acupuncture, clinically and programmatically.  She served as a faculty member of the Acupuncture for Physicians Program at the University of Miami School of Complementary & Integrative Medicine. Other national trainings include Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, addictions/mental health treatment and many trainings for the AAAOM, the AOM Alliance and NADA. She has also been a guest instructor and/or consultant for the following Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine colleges: East West College of Natural Medicine (Sarasota FL), Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine (Gainesville FL), Academy for Five Element Acupuncture (Gainesville FL), AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine (Austin TX).

In the news:

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Rachel Toomim, A.P.
Advanced Acupuncture | Advanced Acu-Energetics


Acupuncture Physician—over 33+ years
Drug Court Consultant
Drug Court Project Director
Registered N.A.D.A. Trainer
National Speaker: Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Addictions/Mental Health/Public Health, Drug Court
Instructor/Trainer: Acupuncture, Ear Acupuncture, Addictions/Mental Health/Public Health,
   Drug Court, Advanced Acupuncture from the Classic Texts
Former Board Member, The American Association of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine-503(c)(6), The
   Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance-503(c)(4)
Former Vice President/Training Chair, National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA)-503(c)(3)
Former Board Member, Acupuncture and Oriental Alliance-501(c)(4)
Academic Auditor—Assessed Masters of AOM Program, East West College of Natural Medicine



Acupuncture Physician, Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Institute Van Nghi– USA, ongoing post-graduate studies with world renowned acupuncture scholar Tran Viet Dzung MD
AcuPoint Injection Therapy Certification
Classical Feng Shui Practitioner—WuJi Academy, Master Han, Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai
Master Face Reading Certification—Lotus Institute, Lillian Pearl Bridges
Quantum Clearing System Practitioner: Institute of Subtle Energy Education (ISEE)
National Institute of Cranial Studies
Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and Meta-Energetics, University of Miami
Licensed Massage Therapist, Suncoast School of Massage Therapy
Licensed Massage Therapist, Chicago School of Massage Therapy
University of Texas at Austin



Chief Justice Commendation - Supreme Court of Florida


Teaching & Public Speaking

N.A.D.A. Protocol for Addictions/Mental Health:  Acupuncturists, Counselors,
    Physicians, Court Personnel
Drug Court Implementation:  Criminal Justice Professionals
Acupuncture for Physicians Program, University of Miami School of
    Complementary and Alternative Medicine
    Other Teaching Venues include:
Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, St. Petersburg
The Academy of Chinese Healing Arts, Sarasota
The AuriculoTherapy Institute, National Organization
Electro-Therapy Association
The West Palm Beach Treatment Drug Court, West Palm Beach
The Annual N.A.D.A. Conference,'97, '98, '99, '02, '03, '04, '05,'06, '07, '08, '09, '10, '13
The Annual Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Alliance Conference: 1999, 2000, 2001,2002, 2003, 2004, 2005,2006, 2007
The Annual AAAOM Conference, 2007
Florida Pre - Trial Association
The National Association of Drug Court Professionals
The Academy of Five Element Acupuncture
Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine
Addiction Health Summit, 2016


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Advanced Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions
What happens during the initial evaluation session with Dr. Toomim?
What happens during follow up sessions?
What is Advanced Classical East Asian Face Reading?
What is Advanced Acu-Energetics?
Explain Cranial-Sacral Therapy
What is Classical East Asian Pulse and Tongue Evaluation?
How many treatments will I need?
Do I have to be "sick" in order to get acupuncture? What about Wellness visits?
Does insurance cover acupuncture?
What do I need to do prior to my evaluation session
What do I need to do to prepare for my in-person visit?
How will the treatment feel?
What will the treatment cost?

What happens during the initial evaluation session with Dr. Toomim?

The initial visit includes a 90-minute complete evaluation and review of your health history. This initial encounter is done via Zoom, Skype or other online format in order to minimize face-to-face contact during the pandemic.

The health history is a review of past health concerns, previous treatment, medications, and any other contributing factors. Given the systemic approach of Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine, the evaluation is thorough and involves a full inquiry into all health and wellness issues.

Dr. Toomim will also review Advanced Classical East Asian Face Reading signs indicating the current state of your health and well-being.  Your treatment will be based on all information from the health history review and examinations.


What happens during follow up sessions?

Following the evaluation, your treatment will be scheduled for either a separate in-person visit - or - you may choose to experience the powerful energetic healing offered via a distance Advanced Acu-Energetics session.

Both types of sessions allow you to experience the power of acupuncture. The former is done in office, and the latter occurs within the comfort of your own space, while sharing an online session with Dr. Toomim.

The Advanced Acu-Energetics may also be included as an advanced healing modality during an in-person acupuncture session. Dr. Toomim highly recommends amplifying your acupuncture session with this powerful technique.


What is Advanced Classical East Asian Face Reading?

Your face provides indicators of the relative health of your physical and emotional body. Advanced Classical Face Reading provides another window into your relative health and well-being.

You may also choose to undergo an additional in-depth analysis with Dr. Toomim, providing an understanding of how your life experience has shaped you, with a window into your future well-being as well.

Dr. Toomim will explain how some of your personality traits are natural to you, and others have been adopted for various reasons. She will discuss how those traits serve or hinder your personal growth, physical health, and overall well-being.

Often, an understanding of life patterns emerges. You will work together to begin your shift out of stagnant patterns, using Advanced Acu-Energetics.
You have innate and inherited gifts! Understanding the nature of your True Path, who you were born to become, arises as a result of this work.

This is powerful work! Amazingly, you will see your progress show on your face as your life and health change through the process. Some lines and wrinkles may decrease or distinctly soften. Skin tones may become more even.


What is Advanced Acu-Energetics?

Dr. Toomim developed this advanced energy healing.
She employs her expansive knowledge of the body's inner pathways to tap into the vibrational frequency of the intricate energy flows and the acu-points along them for profound healing. Engaging those energies –  she is able to elicit healing and relief on the deepest levels of being.

Many times, our physical illnesses and frustrating life patterns can be traced to old emotional wounding. These emotional (and frequently physical) "scars" affect our ability to be fully vibrant. Dr. Toomim evaluates where and how these stuck points reside in the body and/or energy fields. Using energetic distance "acupuncture", energy clearing techniques and NLP-based processes, the old "programming" can be released.  A healthy internal knowing of your True Self and higher wisdom will lead to living your personal True Path.


Explain Cranial-Sacral Therapy

Sometimes pain and other disfunction are related to current or old injuries. They may even go back to in-utero or birth trauma. Dr. Toomim offers a gentle hands-on therapy that restores freedom of movement from head-to-toe. Here is how it works.

The cranium has 22 bones. These bones fit together like puzzle pieces, engineered to move in specific directions – just like all your other bones.
For instance, your elbow bends in only one direction. The bones of your arm are designed to make sure of that fact.

The cranial bones are designed in the same way. They move ever so slightly to allow your cerebrospinal fluid to circulate around your brain, down your spinal column and back up again.
Injuries, birth trauma and other issues may cause some of those cranial bones to shift, and these puzzle pieces become slightly jammed.

The flow of the cerebrospinal fluid may be impeded. The regions of the brain beneath those cranial bones may not receive adequate circulation.

Because the spinal column connects the cranium to the pelvis, an injury anywhere from head to tailbone can cause restriction in the gentle movement along the cranial-sacral continuum.
Gentle pressure and releasing of the connective tissue that holds the structures in place restores the cranial-sacral ease of movement and flow of the cerebrospinal fluid.

Recent and long-standing pain and dysfunction patterns may be released through this powerful work. Studies indicate that patients with vertigo, neck and back pain, migraine, headache, fibromyalgia, epicondylitis, and pelvic girdle pain may gain long-term relief with Cranial-Sacral Therapy.


What is Classical East Asian Pulse and Tongue Evaluation?

In East Asian Medicine, there are three pulse positions on the radial artery of each wrist. The pulses are palpated on both wrists. Each of these pulse positions relates to two of the acupuncture channel pathways and the internal organ that is connected to the pathway.

These pulse readings take more into consideration than the speed of the heartbeat. There are 27 different qualities possible. For example, the blood vessel may feel tense like a drum skin, or tight like a guitar string.

The various qualities of the pulses indicate the nature of any imbalance in the system, and the organ/pathway associated with that imbalance. A modern medical dictionary will list a similar number of pulse qualities. Modern medicine does not use the various pulse qualities as health indicators – favoring objective data from laboratory testing. However, we are all aware of someone who has had medical testing done, without answers to the nature and/or cause of their health concern.

The pulses will always indicate what is going on in the body, and where. The pulses will show what systems are out of balance from an Acupuncture and East Asian Medical perspective.

The tongue is also an indicator of the body's relative health and functioning. The tongue body, texture, coating, and color are all considered. Different areas of the tongue relate to different internal organs. The assessment of tongue, pulses and the facial indications provide a clear picture of the current condition.

Once Dr. Toomim understands the nature of the imbalances, the treatment is designed to support bringing your body into balance. Many conditions and symptoms may be completely relieved. Many of them will improve to some degree. With severe conditions, the results may be more about slowing the progression of the disease or alleviating some of the symptoms associated. Results depend on the individual patient, the nature of their condition and how far it has progressed.

Patients are often surprised at the powerful results of treatment, with conditions that they had assumed would be with them for life.


How many treatments will I need?

Dr. Toomim's treatment philosophy is, "Your life is about being out in the world and expressing your true nature." Her treatment emphasis is to get the greatest results in the fewest visits possible, while empowering you to make lifestyle choices that support and enhance your ability to do so.

The number of treatments needed is based upon individual needs and the condition of each patient at the time that treatment is sought. Some conditions are easily and quickly relieved. Chronic conditions generally take longer to resolve. Each person arrives in their own state of health. Response to treatment is individual as well.

Dr. Toomim will have a better understanding of your ability to progress in treatment after evaluating the results of the initial visits. The more information that you can provide about how each session affects your condition, the better Dr. Toomim is able to assess the necessity of follow up treatments.


Do I have to be "sick" in order to get acupuncture? What about Wellness visits?

Dr. Toomim highly recommends using Advanced Acupuncture and/or Advanced Acu-Energetics as part of your ongoing wellness maintenance.

In ancient Asia, people would get their "tune-up" treatment of acupuncture regularly, at least during each change of season, to maintain health. In Traditional East Asian Medicine, there are considered to be five seasons, with late summer considered a separate season.

When general health and balance are present, regular tune-ups support long-term health and strengthen the immune system as well as all organ systems. Depending upon your personal health goals, you may choose to have your tune-ups monthly, every six weeks, or with the change of seasons. For some, with high levels of stress in their lives or work situations, weekly is appropriate.

In China, where cost is not a concern, patients often have treatment daily for a set number or series of treatments. If their condition persists, they will undergo further rounds of treatment. These may be in series of five, ten, fifteen or twenty treatments. The number of treatments would depend upon the severity and/or duration and progression of the condition.

In the U.S., with busy lives taken into consideration, one treatment session per week is the most common frequency during the initial treatment process. Occasionally it is valuable and necessary to increase that frequency.

This depends on individual needs and results. As soon as is relevant, Dr. Toomim will suggest spreading treatment sessions over more extended time frames.


Does insurance cover acupuncture?

Insurance coverage varies from policy to policy. There are more and more insurance companies providing coverage for acupuncture.

There are certain questions to ask of your insurance company if you want to understand coverage provided through your specific policy:


What do I need to do to prepare for my Initial Evaluation session?


What do I need to do to prepare for my in-person visit?

For in-person sessions - wear loose, comfortable clothes. Many of the most powerful acupuncture points are located from the elbows, down to the hands, and from the knees, down to the feet. Make sure those areas are accessible. If treatment is necessary on other points of the body, Dr. Toomim will let you know.


How will the treatment feel?

After Acupuncture/Acu-Energetics, most people feel deeply relaxed. It has been described as feeling like awakening from a very deep nap – feeling extremely rested. Some describe it as feeling as though they have just had a vacation! Along with the deep sense of inner calm, there is commonly a feeling of mental clarity that continues throughout the day. The experience is one of feeling relaxed and alert at the same time. There may be a sensation of feeling energized.

With in-person acupuncture, frequently there is no sensation on having an acupuncture needle inserted. An acupuncture needle is extremely fine, similar in thickness to a cat's whisker.

Sometimes there is a brief Qi sensation associated with the stimulation of an acupuncture point.

Occasionally the pleasant flow of energy through the channels is perceived.

Often, patients fall asleep during treatments, whether with in-person acupuncture or distance Acu-Energetics.

Cranial-Sacral sessions feel like gentle massage therapy techniques. They are powerful and relaxing.


What will the treatment cost?

Initial Evaluation: This 60-90 minute session has a basic cost of $150.

Acupuncture Sessions: These are 60-minute sessions and cost $100 for each follow-up visit. They include an evaluation of previous results, a re-evaluation of current conditions, as well as the treatment. Additional charges for extended evaluation and treatment episodes or modalities may apply.

Advanced Acu-Energetics sessions: These are 60-90 minutes long. The fee for these sessions, whether in-person or online is $140.


R a c h e l T o o m i m  A P
33+ Years of Knowledge and Experience Make the Difference


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Call or text 941-330-6005 to schedule a visit with Dr. Rachel Toomim.

For more information regarding what happens during a session with Dr. Toomim see our FAQ's.

Advanced Acupuncture and Advanced Acu-Energetics
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Acupuncture & Acu-Energetics

Advanced Acupuncture and Advanced Acu-Energetics


Acupuncture is the most well-known and powerful aspect of the comprehensive system of healthcare known as Traditional East Asian Medicine. This system was fully developed and documented by the ancient Chinese scholars between 3000 and 5000 years ago. East Asian Medicine also includes Dietary Theory, Herbal Medicine, Physical Manipulation (working with the muscles and tissues), Therapeutic Exercise and other methods.

East Asian Medicine evaluates the body from a systemic and energetic paradigm. Any disease state, emotional imbalance or injury is viewed within this medical paradigm as a type of disharmony of the vital energy known as "Qi" (pronounced "chee").

In this medical approach, a healthy person has a proper balance of energy between all the systems of the body. The emotions, mental faculties and physical functions work in harmony and the spirit is energized and balanced. From this perspective, the physical functions and mental/emotional/spiritual wellness are all integrated and treated as a whole system. Each of these are just different densities of energy - a view of the physical world that is shared by modern physics. With complete balance, all these aspects are in harmony, and we are able to have comprehensive wellness. This is achieved via one or more of the modalities included in the East Asian Medical model.


In looking at a diagram of acupuncture channels and points, we see various lines flowing throughout the body, with dots indicated along these lines. The lines depict the major flows of Qi/energy through the body. Each of these lines either begins at an extremity (hands or feet) and follows a path that ends up at an internal organ.  Or the path may begin at an internal organ and flow out to an extremity (hands or feet). The pathway and its connection to an internal organ are extremely important. These pathways often explain how seemingly unconnected symptoms and health issues are related to common causes, and indicate that there are systemic concerns, rather than separate health issues.

Example: An individual may suffer with some kind of unexplained elbow or shoulder pain, or a limited range of motion in those areas. Without a specific injury to those areas, the patient may be told by their doctors that they have bursitis or some other general inflammation. There may also be a condition such as irritable bowel disease or some other kind of digestive difficulty as part of the person's overall symptoms. The pathways relating to the Small and Large Intestine flow past the elbow and shoulder on the way to their connection with those internal organs. It is common for a disharmony or disease state within these internal organ systems to include inflammation and other symptoms along the related pathway. It may seem as if the arm pain and the digestive problem are two completely separate issues, but in East Asian Medicine, these conditions are likely to be related. Treating one will involve treating the other.

Understanding the various connections within the energetic systems of the body allows for a deeper and more systemic view of health and disease. It also allows for a more fully integrated approach to regaining health and wellness.

Acupuncture works by connecting with the energetic pathways within the body and supporting a restoration of full function. Imagine that we are plugging into the body's' energetic circuit board. The intention may be to open all circuits and to make sure that the energy is flowing throughout the body. Or, the emphasis may be focused on a certain system within the body, in order to concentrate the body's resources on restoring function to an ailing area.

The term "Balance" as we use it, is not just a concept or idea. Acupuncture brings actual physical systems into balance. In fact, the same points are sometimes used for opposite results. One point may be used for high blood pressure or low blood pressure; diarrhea or constipation.  Acupuncture helps the body to release excess energy or strengthen deficient energy. It can open blocked flows of energy or reroute energy that has gotten "off track". Our bodies inherently have amazing abilities for healing. Acupuncture can focus those abilities to support the body when it has become out of balance or when the energies have been affected by the environment, life stresses, poor diet, disease factors, injury or even chemical, emotional or physical trauma.

East Asian Dietary Therapy

In East Asian Medicine all foods are considered according to their basic energy and qualities. Foods are hot, warm, neutral, cooling, or cold.  It can be easy to figure out the energy of a food by thinking about how you feel when you eat it. Watermelon is cooling. Cucumbers are cooling. Cayenne pepper is hot.  These are fairly obvious. There are other distinctions that involve a more complex understanding.

In East Asian Medicine there are no "bad" foods. There are only foods that are appropriate or inappropriate depending on the current state of your health. Some foods will help build your blood and nourish your Qi. Other foods will be depleting or may irritate your current condition.

Herbal Medicine

East Asian Medicine has over 20,000+ different herbs, minerals and other ingredients used to enhance treatment and increase your body's ability to restore balance. These herbs are often combined into over 60,000+ different formulas. Herbal formulas are quite complex. There are usually one or more chief herbs in the formula, which offer support for any given condition. Then supporting herbs are added to aid the chief herbs and to balance the formula. This ensures that there are few or no side-effects when taking a formula. The complex process of diagnosis and pattern discernment is crucial for understanding and proper prescribing of herbal medicines.

Physical Manipulation

There are many types of physical treatments incorporated in the traditions of East Asian Medicine. Everything from massage to bone-setting are included in this complete medical model. For example, consider this description of Tui Na, a form of Chinese massage:

Tui Na: "The practitioner may brush, knead, roll/press, and rub the areas between each of the joints, known as the eight gates, to attempt to open the body's defensive (Wei) qi and get the energy moving in the meridians and the muscles. The practitioner can then use range of motion, traction, and massage, with the stimulation of acupressure [to the acupuncture] points. These techniques are claimed to aid in the treatment of both acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, as well as many non-musculoskeletal conditions." (Wikipedia)

Therapeutic Exercise

East Asian Medicine practitioners often employ such practices as T'ai chi ch'uan and Qi Gong within treatment plans to enhance the patient's energy and well-being.

According to Wikipedia:
"Researchers have found that intensive t'ai chi ch'uan practice shows some favorable effects on the promotion of balance control, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and has shown to reduce the risk of falls in both healthy elderly patients, and those recovering from chronic stroke, heart failure, high blood pressure, heart attacks, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's and fibromyalgia. T'ai chi ch'uan's gentle, low impact movements burn more calories than surfing and nearly as many as downhill skiing."

The citation regarding Qigong, chi kung, or chi gungnotes that it "is a practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and meditation. With roots in Chinese medicine, martial arts, and philosophy, qigong is traditionally viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance qi (chi) or what has been translated as "intrinsic life energy". Typically, a qigong practice involves rhythmic breathing coordinated with slow stylized repetition of fluid movement, a calm mindful state, and visualization of guiding qi through the body. Qigong is now practiced throughout Asia and worldwide, and is considered by some to be exercise, and by others to be a type of alternative medicine or meditative practice.  From a philosophical perspective qigong is believed to help develop human potential, allow access to higher realms of awareness, and awaken one's 'true nature'."

Auricular acupuncture

The ear is one of the most widely used microsystems of acupuncture. The entire body is mapped out on the ear's surface in great detail. An example of several point locations can be viewed on this chart. Observation and palpation of areas of the ear are useful for diagnosis and provide powerful and effective treatment.


Moxibustion involves the warming acupuncture points or specific body areas with smoldering mugwort herb (commonly known as moxa). Moxibustion stimulates circulation and strengthens body function. It promotes the smooth flow of blood and qi. To avoid the smoky environment created by burning the moxa, an herbal mugwort patch or the synthesized oil of mugwort may be used.


Cupping is an ancient technique, used in many cultures, in which a special cup is applied to the skin and held in place by suction. The suction draws superficial tissue into the cup, and the cup may either be left in place or moved along the body. Cupping brings fresh blood to the area and helps improve circulation. Traditional cupping sometimes referred to as "fire cupping," uses heat to create a vacuum-like suction inside of glass cups. In modern times, cups made of rubber or silicon were developed to achieve the same effect.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a technique in East Asian medicine often used to treat muscle tension and pain. It helps relieve stagnation of Qi and blood in the body. Using a smooth-edged tool, the skin is rubbed with a stroking motion. If there is stagnation present, there will be red or dark marks on the surface of the skin.  Gua Sha can be helpful for releasing scar tissue and increasing joint range of motion. It may also be used to support the immune system and release stagnation in the respiratory system.

Research has shown Gua Sha to be effective in treating back, neck and shoulder pain, shortening recovery time for weightlifters and reducing some symptoms of menopause.
Other practitioner specializations have "invented" techniques that are basically Gua Sha with new names and patented instruments. These techniques and instruments are no different and offer no superior results. Examples of these copycat techniques: Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) and Graston technique.


Advanced Acu-Energetics, a process created by Dr. Rachel Toomim, employs the extensive and detailed understandings of the internal energy pathways that flow throughout the body, along with the expanded levels of the internal and external energy body. These include chakras and the intertwined and extended outer layers of the body's energy fields. This knowledge, in combination with numerous energy clearing techniques, provides an avenue for healing and releasing from a "big picture" perspective. Physical illnesses and challenging life patterns are sometimes related to emotional wounding that occurred in the past. Earlier emotional and/or physical "scars" interfere with the ability to be fully vibrant and engaged in life in the most positive and fulfilling ways.

Advanced Acu-Energetics is for those who are truly interested in engaging in a healing process at the most profound level.  It is a process that is non-intrusive, non-confrontational and does not require slogging through old painful memories. It offers the opportunity for a healthier and more fulfilling experience of life - from the inside out, and at all levels of being.  Advanced Acu-Energetics provides deep and rapid relief.



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